Tame Operations Workload in Your Hotel

Access time-saving tools, enhance your property's performance, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.
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Manage guest requests with ease.

Enable guests to conveniently request any housekeeping or maintenance service from your property’s Web/mobile app or via SMS. Guest requests go automatically to the appropriate staff, reducing operational bottlenecks and raising your guest’s happiness with your service.

Get full visibility into tasks progress.

Your task management dashboard is a stress free way to track, prioritize, and manage service tasks. Get real-time information on housekeeping and maintenance tasks per unit and access performance analytics. Easily track closed tasks, in-progress tasks, and tasks that are still in the to do list, so you can prioritize work and help services staff be more productive.

Workflow escalation so work gets done.

Your services department managers can easily configure how the tasks are being handled so that a task that isn’t being completed on time can be escalated based on a predetermined rule. They can also use the information on request completion/delays to adjust the communication with guests throughout the process.

Get quick guest profiles

Build guest profiles and empower your operations team to personalize interactions and anticipate needs.

Manage from one place

Easily analyze the collected service tasks data for real-time tracking, escalations and trend reporting .

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Improve service delivery

Give your services staff the tools they need to act fast, report on progress, and deliver a better service.

Digitizing the key points of the guest journey.

"Through partnership with LasoExperience, Hotel Zetta was able to digitize the guest journey to make the entire check-in/check-out experience safe, seamless and convenient. It’s also helped us improve service delivery, capture additional revenue and optimize front office operations."

Mark Beevor, General Manager at Hotel Zetta

Hotel Zetta Front Entrance

LasoXP makes task management
mind-blowingly easy.

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Mundane tasks? Automate and forget

Leverage high-impact automation to simplify core hotel operations and continuously improve guest service delivery.

The simplest way to request a service

For guests, everything happens with a few taps of a button. raising your guests' happiness with your service.

At guest's preferred channels

With a simple guest app or via text messaging, you’ll bring hotel services directly to your guests’ personal devices.