Using Technology to Create Unforgettable Guest Experiences

Using Technology to Create Unforgettable Guest Experiences
Hotel guests today use their mobile devices for almost anything, they crave convenience, automation of mundane tasks, real-time, one-click service they’re used to from other industries, and an experience that puts them at the center.
Using Technology to Create Unforgettable Guest Experiences

We are  living in an experience economy so it makes sense that hotels are now even more focused on improving the guest stay. So, if you’re thinking about implementing new hotel technology, focus on one thing and one thing only –  making your guests happy. 

The equation is quite simple, happy guests equal more revenue gains. When satisfied with their stay, guests will praise your property on social media, recommend you to their friends, and likely book another stay at your property in the future. 

Here’s how technology fits into all that. If you’re able to unify many of the disjointed hotel systems so that they ease the life of your staff on the backend but also impress your guests on the front, you’ll get a meaningful improvement in the overall guest experience with your hotel. 

74% of consumers are likely to buy based on experience alone, source.
Guest satisfaction scores across the hotel experience: source Deloitte 

What’s the verdict on current hotel technology? 

Hotel guests today use their mobile devices for almost anything, they crave convenience, automation of mundane tasks, real-time, one-click service they’re used to from other industries, and an experience that puts them at the center. 

Unfortunately, current technologies employed in hotels can’t efficiently support their needs. Using multiple disconnected systems to manage the guest experience creates disconnected guests. 

Platforms, like LasoExperience, take care of the guests' entire journey with a hotel - from reservation to post-stay, all the while focusing on guest needs and allowing them to personalize their stay to their liking. 

The 'brain' of the LasoExperience platform

Let’s take a closer look at what you could get with a guest experience platform like this. 

Provide a smooth start to a great guest experience 

Your guests are expecting their check-in process to be super fast and frictionless. They want to be able to check-in from anywhere, just using their phone. Upon arrival, they’ll want to go straight to their room, no matter if they arrived early or late, and use a mobile key to unlock their room. 

The benefit of this? For the guests it’s obvious – avoiding the front desk altogether and enjoying a painless start of their stay. And for your hotel this means less congestion on the front desk, less busy work for your staff and smoother check in operations. 

Give your guests the freedom to design their stay 

Imagine you could let your guests create their dream stay from their phone - anything they can think of and that your hotel can deliver they could add into their stay with just a few taps. 

This is now possible with a guest experience platform that enables your guests to fully personalize their stay with services, amenities, and activities that would make their experience memorable and authentic. 

Additionally, the guests will appreciate you making their stay so much more comfortable by enabling them to browse, order, and pay for hotel services with just a few taps on their phone. 

Show only offers that make sense to your guests

No one likes annoying promos popping up on their phone, especially when they have nothing to do with a person’s current context. The amazing thing about smart guest experience platforms is that they allow you to target your guests with “right-on-time,” “I was just thinking about that” kind of offers that will actually add value to their stay. 

Whether it’s a nicely timed room upgrade offer or a promo for a late checkout deal on the guest’s last day with your property, now you’re able to show only meaningful offers that your guests are more likely to purchase. 

91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, source Accenture

Taking care of the guest with LasoExperience

Provide answers to guests, fast 

Time to resolution is extremely important in hospitality. Now more than ever, guests want their issues to be resolved quickly. Whether they have a leaky faucet, or a complaint about a meal, or just need fresh towels, long waits are not an option.

Just let this one sink in - customers are 2.4 times more likely to stay with a company when their problems are solved quickly.   

Allowing guests to communicate on their terms via SMS, instant messaging, or in-app chat for any questions or requests they may have will speed up time-to-resolution and make guests feel happy and comfortable communicating with your staff.  


Technology used to manage the guest experience will continue to evolve for the betterment of the entire hospitality industry, always catching up to and even predicting traveler expectations. Use it wisely in your property to improve operations, speed up processes, level-up your services and create an enjoyable, anxiety-free experience that your guests will want to repeat.  

​​LasoExperience is helping hotels improve their guest experience with technology. Contact us to have a chat and see how we can help! 

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