LasoXP 2023 Recap: Transforming Hospitality with Personalized Experiences

 LasoXP 2023 Recap: Transforming Hospitality with Personalized Experiences
In 2023, the hospitality industry started its much needed revival. On the hotel technology side, the consensus among industry experts is clear – keeping the status quo is no longer an option.
 LasoXP 2023 Recap: Transforming Hospitality with Personalized Experiences

In 2023, the hospitality industry started its much needed revival. On the hotel technology side, the consensus among industry experts is clear – keeping the status quo is no longer an option. Travelers increasingly place value on time and unique experiences more than money so delivering those experiences via the most convenient channels becomes a priority. Industry players, spanning from big brands to boutique hotels, must recognize this as an opportunity to future proof their business by investing in hospitality technology.  

As a hotel technology provider, LasoExperience has been at the forefront of these changes, working with our customers to deliver innovative solutions that help transform the way they connect with and service their guests. 

In 2023, our focus was on enabling hotels to personalize every customer interaction so they can deliver the highly-tailored experiences guests are looking for. From providing actionable guest intelligence that powers fully automated marketing campaigns to enabling smooth omni channel communication, the LasoExperience platform has grown along with our customers’ needs.  

This past year, we also set a record pace for new installations, onboarding valued customers such as Sunseeker Resort, Snow King Resort, and Stonewall Resort. Let’s take a quick look at why our customers chose the LasoExperience platform and what positive impact we made to their business and their guests. 

Enabling Hotels to Personalize Everything

Throughout 2023, our team has been actively expanding the capabilities of the LasoExperience platform. Each new functionality is strategically designed to assist hoteliers in achieving specific business objectives. Personalization surfaced as a number one demand and we’ve done major improvements to LasoXP making it the most powerful marketing enabler for our customers. 

Hotels can now use the LasoXP automated guest campaign system to simplify the process of reaching their guests with personalized messages, offers, and content. By tapping into actionable guest data, the platform allows them to create campaigns that automatically deliver relevant offers based on triggers such as reservations, lifetime value, groups, rate codes, or even from comments that their team leaves in the PMS. 

LasoXP Marketing Automation

When guests discover content and offers tailored to their preferences, the likelihood of active engagement and booking significantly rises. This not only boosts conversion rates but also increases guest satisfaction and positive reviews. It's the personalized touch that transforms a stay into an experience worth returning for.   

Tapping Into Guest Data from Multiple Sources 

Centralizing data from across systems and making it actionable has always been a big challenge for hotels. Listening to and anticipating our customers' needs we’ve grown our platform into a data powerhouse that not only centralizes hotel data but also enriches it with invaluable guest insights. 

The LasoExperience platform captures every guest interaction, event, and preference, creating a comprehensive data profile of their journey with your hotel. The platform seamlessly connects  with the hotel’s reservation system, PMS, POS, booking systems, and more to deliver real-time insights for data-driven decision-making. 

LasoXP Guest Intelligence Engine

Our customers no longer need to manually pull reports from their PMS or other key systems they’re using to run their business. Be it check-ins, orders, bookings, or personalized offers, our platform streamlines this information flow to a hotel’s preferred big data service or customizes data connections to enhance their CRM. 

Making Big Impact with Actionable Guest Data

The ability to act on customer data transforms more than just hotel marketing. We’ve built the LasoExperience Guest Intelligence Layer to empower various hotel departments and roles, making their jobs more efficient and guest-centric: 

  • Marketing: Personalize guest interactions, recommendations, and services by understanding guest preferences and behaviors, boosting marketing team efficiency. 
  • Revenue management: Optimize room pricing and tap into non-room revenue sources effortlessly with seamless data integration and insights.
  • Guest experience: Deliver maximum value at every touchpoint, improve satisfaction with automated feedback, and identify and reward loyal guests.
  • Asset management: Gain a bird's-eye view of operations to identify operational patterns, spot potential issues, and devise effective strategies to increase revenue and guest satisfaction.

Our customers are thrilled with the ability to truly "know" their guests. Our platform gives them the tools they need to deliver personalized guest experiences at scale, improve operational efficiency, and implement data-driven strategies to increase revenue. 

Total Portfolio Visibility for Corporate Customers 

Throughout 2023, we've dedicated our efforts to building a solution that enables our corporate customers to get the maximum value from their guest data across various properties. To show a full 360 view of the guest, the LasoXP platform does not rely solely on the data it collects, but also taps into other core systems.  

LasoXP Guest Intelligence Diagram

We’ve made sure that, by integrating data from multiple sources, we provide a single view of their most valuable guest data to our corporate customers. This means that multi property companies can manage digital guest experiences across their entire portfolio, knowing their hotels follow a consistent strategy for guest engagement, activation, upsell, and more. 


The hospitality industry is currently navigating an era of considerable change. Achieving and sustaining success will depend on a dedicated focus on guest experience and innovation.

The winning strategy for hospitality providers relies on supporting travelers' passion for unique and personalized experiences, and the key here is identifying the appropriate technology to kickstart this transformation. Our goal going forward is to act as a disruptive enabler for hotels looking to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the kind of experiences that travelers will be looking for in 2024 and beyond.  

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