How Resorts Can Use Technology to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

How Resorts Can Use Technology to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction
Resorts can be considered as destinations in their own right – they offer everything hotels do and then some. Guests choose resorts for their vacation because of the wealth of experience they provide. A variety of F&B options, entertainment, activities, shopping, SPA, you name it.
How Resorts Can Use Technology to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

Resorts can be considered as destinations in their own right – they offer everything hotels do and then some. Guests choose resorts for their vacation because of the wealth of experience they provide. A variety of F&B options, entertainment, activities, shopping, SPA, you name it. Every resort has a unique mix of services and amenities to make their guests’ stay memorable, fostering loyalty and repeat visits. 

One major challenge facing resorts is that guests often miss out on many of the incredible amenities because they're difficult to discover, access, or book. When this happens, a world-class resort can end up feeling like just another hotel. Even the most talented staff can't solve this problem single-handedly because keeping guests informed and engaged requires a lot of time and attention, making it tough to scale. It's a frustrating issue, but there are solutions out there. 

With technology platforms like LasoExperience, resorts can showcase their top features to guests without interrupting their vacation time. The platform provides personalized information, resort maps, service details, dining options, and suggestions for relevant activities, events, and experiences. Everything guests need is right at their fingertips, making it easy to enjoy all the resort has to offer.  

Now, let’s look at how resorts can engage and activate guests better with technology to increase RevPAR while making their guests happy.  

Make it personal 

From giving guests the flexibility to choose stay preferences to offering more personalized experiences, your success in the long run will depend largely on how well you ‘know’ your guests and their needs at every step of their journey with your resort.  

A recent study conducted by Oracle found that guests are increasingly showing interest in personalized services. Over half of them (54%) stated that they are willing to pay more for the opportunity to choose their view, while 38% would pay to select their preferred room, and 32% would pay to have a say in the floor level of their room.  

Airlines are a great example of how hotels can use upselling to improve guest experiences. We can choose our seat and pay for upgrades like more legroom. Some airlines let us pay for additional bags or early boarding. Resorts should take note and position upselling as more than just selling products and services – they should sell the enhanced experience instead.  

With LasoExperience, your property can easily allow guests to customize their stay (room floor, room position, type of pillow, etc.) and let them know from that first interaction that you care about their experience. 

The amazing thing about smart guest experience platforms is that they allow you to target your guests with personalized upgrades and promotions that feel like they were tailor-made just for them. 

Picture this: your guest is already considering a room upgrade, and just as they start to research their options, they receive a well-timed offer for a discounted upgrade to a suite. They feel like you're reading their mind and appreciate the personalized touch.

Or, it's the last day of their stay, and they're dreading the thought of rushing out of their room early. Then, they receive a promotion for a late checkout deal. It's exactly what they needed and makes their departure stress-free.

With LasoXP, you can offer only the most meaningful, well-timed upgrades that your guests are more likely to purchase. 

Enable smooth end-to-end journey

We’ve already talked about the importance of inspiring and informing guests about the unique experiences they can enjoy during their stay at your resort. The key to increasing revenue and conversion rates is to present offers in a non-intrusive way and frame them as value-adds to the guest experience. 

With LasoExperience, guests are presented with offers for onsite events, activities, top amenities, and more from the moment they book. The guest app dynamically displays relevant content and offers throughout their stay, while the platform uses "guest context" data to build a profile that reflects each guest's preferences and interests. By making it easy for guests to discover and enjoy all that your resort has to offer, you can create truly memorable experiences that keep them coming back for more. Not to mention the impact this will have on your revenue.  

LasoXP revenue streams

Our valued customer, Sunseeker Resort, recognized the value of having a customized guest experience platform that will serve as a single point of communication for all guest’s needs throughout their stay at the property. From guest onboarding, check-in and personalized offers, to cashless payment and service requests, the resort will use the LasoXP platform to deliver frictionless, digital end-to-end guest journeys.  

‘Make my itinerary like you know me’

With the LasoXP platform, resorts can leverage its digital concierge to provide guests with personalized recommendations based on their interests, preferences, and previous interactions with the hotel. This allows resorts to offer tailored itineraries to guests, helping them discover new activities and experiences that they may not have otherwise considered.

For example, if a guest has shown a preference for outdoor activities, such as hiking or kayaking, the digital concierge can recommend similar activities that the guest may enjoy. If a guest has previously booked spa services, the concierge can suggest other relaxation options such as a meditation class or a visit to a nearby hot spring. By providing personalized itineraries, resorts can not only enhance guest satisfaction but also increase revenue by promoting and booking additional services and activities. 

Easy payments make spending easier

It’s important to mention that LasoXP also enables fast and frictionless transactions, enabling resorts to enhance the guest experience and streamline their operations. But contactless payments aren't just about improving efficiency. They also enable resorts to build new ecosystems for merchants and third-party sellers, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.   

For example, your property might partner with local restaurants or activity providers to offer guests exclusive deals and offers that they can discover and book through the guest app. This not only adds value for guests but also creates new revenue streams for your resort and its partners. 

And what about the guests? Well, just imagine giving your guests the ability to seamlessly transact across the entire resort, accessing and booking any facility or service, all while benefiting from highly personalized experiences. This brings you a few steps closer to creating a frictionless end-to-end journey for your guests. 


Resorts have a goldmine of opportunity to increase their revenue by offering guests products and services relevant to their stay. The way they do it, however, can make or break their efforts. The only way to generate sustained and forecastable incremental revenue and drive guest loyalty is to inspire their guests and deliver right-on-time, personalized information and offers throughout their stay and via the channel that feels most natural to them.   

LasoExperience takes care of the guests' entire journey with your hotel, from reservation to post-stay, opening up new revenue opportunities while focusing on guest needs. Contact us to have a chat and see how we can help!  

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