Memorable Check-in Experience

Secure, no queuing, direct room access. Contactless, effective and awesome.

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Person in front of the check-in kiosk

Are there red flags in your current check-in process?

Front desk traffic congestion?

Physically exchanging IDs, RegForms and credit cards with guests?

Guests unhappy with wait times and safety practices?

Front desk staff falling behind with more important tasks?

A growing sense that this process could be improved?

Enable a frictionless start of the guest journey

With Laso, everything happens digitally -- guests can check-in remotely so there’s no need to exchange forms or IDs at the front desk. This helps you eliminate queuing, limit interaction between your guests and staff, and align with health and safety standards for the new normal.

Provide a simple and secure check-in process

PCI compliant solution

Capture guest’s credit card data securely according to the latest set of security standards and minimize the risk of security breaches.

Contactless payments

Enable a smooth check-out and a seamless transaction by automatically processing the guest's credit card on their checkout date.

Digital RegCard

Easily prevent fraud and chargebacks by having guests verify their personal and payment information prior to their stay.

How contactless check-in by Laso works

Send Check-in links ahead of time

Automatically send links with a booking code to guests via email or SMS so they can check-in digitally for their upcoming stay.

There is no app to download and guests can complete the entire process with a few simple taps.

Capture Photo ID

Capture photo ID to confirm the guest’s identity, capture information for RegCard, and enable a smooth check-in at arrival.

Authorize Credit Card

Authorize the guest's credit card to minimize the risk of chargebacks and fraud and to ensure that all incidentals will be covered.

Confirm Stay Information

Allow your guests to sign your RegForm digitally to confirm their stay information, authorize full charge, and agree to your hotel’s policy.

Send Confirmation

Automatically send confirmation information to guests via email or SMS so they can have their copy.

Issue the Room Key

Guests complete the check-in process at arrival by clicking on the check-in link from email/sms and picking up their key at the front desk. Alternatively, you can issue a mobile key to your guests so they can proceed directly to their room.

Simple to get started

Laso contactless check-in is easy to set up and it can be up and running in your hotel in a matter of days. Integrations ensure it works seamlessly with your existing payment providers, PMS, and CRM systems.

Benefits of Laso contactless check-in

Improve efficiency at the front desk

Prioritize guest and staff safety

Improve staff productivity

Avoid outdated & insecure RegCard practices

Minimize chargebacks and fraud

Create a safe digital check-in
experience for your guests