Your technology isn’t in sync with your strategy?

With our consultants on your side, you’ll have decades of technology and hospitality industry expertise put to work to maximize your technology investments and match your growth and technology goals. No more outdated, disconnected, or poorly performing systems that drain your budget and hamper operational excellence.

How we make technology work for you


Technology stack audit

How do you ensure that all the systems your hotel is using are working efficiently to help you achieve your goals? Our technology audit services are designed to identify technology gaps, find weak links such as outdated systems and data silos, and look for improvement opportunities.

You’ll find out if there are:
• Systems that don’t support API integration
• Tools that sit idle because staff isn’t using them
• Non-essential tools that you no longer need.


Integrations & BI

Booking systems, PMS, CRM, RMS, all these systems can create tremendous value for your business if they can connect and communicate with one another. Your hotel performance relies heavily on system interoperability and integrating data into a holistic view.

We’ll make your life easier with integrations by:
• Connecting data between disparate systems using API's
• Eliminating any data integrity issues
• Aggregating all relevant data in a custom dashboard.


Digital strategy consulting

Are you worried that your hotel is not prepared for the post-Covid19 world? Can you meet new customer demands around health and safety? So much of your burden can be lifted with the right digital technologies that enable contactless services designed for the new normal and beyond.

We will provide you with strategic advice to:
• Make informed decisions about new technology investments
• Understand the true cost of innovation & optimise your technology spend
• Align hotel technology with business goals.

Get the support you need to achieve business growth through technology.
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Empowering you to achieve more with technology

Gain a fresh perspective on your existing technology 
Uncover new revenue growth opportunities
Gain a competitive advantage through smart integrations
Leverage the right tools to provide amazing guest experience 
Make smarter decisions with custom analytics dashboard 
Generate a higher ROI from your hotel technology investment. 
Get more than tailored technology consulting services — get a dedicated partner!
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