Automated Guest Interaction

Personalized, convenient, always-on. Everything can be a conversation.

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Do these guest communication issues sound familiar?

Your staff can’t provide timely responses to guest inquiries?

Not providing relevant information at key points in guests’ journey?

Doing less in upsells because you’re not reacting to specific events?

Slow guest request turnaround times?

Power the entire guest journey with automated interactions

Provide instant support on your guests’ preferred messaging channels and streamline how new guest requests are handled. Send automated messages via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber and deliver a more efficient and timely service to guests throughout their stay.

Never miss an opportunity to engage your guests

Set up event triggers

Send automated messages to guests based on specific triggers and engage them throughout their journey.

AI Concierge

Be available to instantly answer questions and requests from guests 24/7 with no capacity constraints and no overhead.

Tailor messages to guests

Send personalized messages and offers based on guest preferences and previous bookings/orders.

Drive revenue through enhanced guest communication

Enable seamless guest onboarding

Handle early guest requests, share check-in instructions and information relevant to their stay, and provide Instant answers to FAQs.

Optimize service request fulfilment

Offer your guests the simplest way to request any service and respond to requests faster with automated notifications going directly to the appropriate staff.

Drive F&B ordering via chat

Enable your guests to access your F&B menus within a familiar chat interface and make it easy for them to choose, order, and make instant cashless payments.

Create upsell opportunities

Send timely and personalized offers based on guest preferences and historical data directly to your guests’ phones.

Automate guest feedback

Use automated messaging to gather guest feedback by sending personalized questionnaires about their stay.

Manage all guest communications in one place

Laso comes with a single dashboard where you can manage guest messaging across channels, send out promotions, manage F&B offers, set up triggers and schedule messages for automatic sending.

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